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Autobook works - Here's how

Regular way to book flights

No awareness on competitive pricing and fare drops while booking

Monitor flight fares all day for the cheapest deals.

Even if fare drops, you never come to know

Tedious dispute resolution where your money is stuck for days.

CTR way to book flights

Compare & pay just the best price.

Set Autobook and get back to other important things in life.

Set a Price Alert to get instant notifications on price drops.

Quickest resolutions on refunds and payment-related disputes.

Have You Autobooked?

There's no reason why you would book and not Autobook. Set your best price and CTR gets your tickets booked as soon as the fare drops

Book a ticket automatically as and when the fare drops to your desired price.


It's pretty clear you want the best price. Get it on FFS by comparing and digging out the cheapest air fares.

Set Price Alert

Like bargaining? We bet you'll love CTR then. Set a price alert to get notified when fare drops to the price you wish to pay. Set an alert, make a wish.


You set a desired price and we book your ticket automatically when the fare drops to your price. No gimmicks.

Quickest Bookings

CTR ensures you get the fastest flight booking experience.

Payment Protection

Your money either goes to the booking or back to you; there's no other way.

Easy Payments

We have enlisted multiple payment options, so that there's always a way.